Comboyne village is located on the picturesque Comboyne Plateau south-west of Port Macquarie and Wauchope and north of Taree.

The Uniting Church has a church on the main street of Comboyne, where people of all Christian churches gather for worship.

Most attendees regard themselves primarily as Christians, and attend irrespective of the denomination leading. 

Leadership is undertaken in turn by Uniting, Presbyterian, Church of Christ, and Anglican churches, with Catholic Mass being held at 10am on the Saturday preceding the first Sunday of each month.  When there are five Sundays in a month, joyful combined "Fifth Sunday Family Services" are organised by Comboyne Christian Fellowship.

The Comboyne congregation and the Wauchope congregation comprise the Wauchope and District Uniting Church.

Coronavirus impacts

Covid-safe services have now resumed for all but the Catholic Mass (still in recess), and are operated in accordance with our Covid-safe plan, with social distancing, no communal singing or passing books around.  All attendees register at the door, with free masks and hand sanitizer provided.

Uniting Church resources on how to handle this pandemic are available on the National Assembly and NSW/ACT Synod websites.

See also relevant posts on Presbytery News and Synod News on the Wauchope Uniting Church website.

Service and Activity Times

  • Sunday Services: 12 noon on the first and second Sundays,  11:15am on the third and fourth Sundays of each month (also 11.15am on fifth Sundays).
    • Communion: arranged by each denomination on a varying basis, depending on Covid-safe practices.
    • A shared lunch and fellowship is enjoyed (also subject to Covid-safe considerations) after each weekly Sunday Service.
  • World Day of Prayer is celebrated on the first Friday in March.
  • Community Christmas Carol Family Service is held on the Saturday before Christmas.


Comboyne is part of the Mid North Coast Presbytery - its website provides resources and further information about the Uniting Church in Australia.